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Hello world…

My last 7 months in life: Community

To sum up the last 7 months at work…

October: + 1 Boss, – 1 Co-worker
November: Transition
December: – 2 Co-workers
January: +2 Part Time Staff
February: -1 Co-worker, 1 Co-worker on the road
March: -1 Part Time Staff
April: + 1 Co-worker
May: -1 Boss,-2 Part Time Staff, + 1 Co-worker
June: + 8 summer staff

The consensus: lots of transition, lots of goodbyes, lots of tears, lots of excitement for the future.

From 6 creatives to 4 creatives || number of people the same: 2 (myself included)

Cameras, Campers and Common Occurances

I’m in New England. Monterey, MA to be exact.

I can hear campers cheering in the distance, jumping, reaching, and trying (mostly failing) to dislodge a plastic penguin from a rope suspended over the deep end. Few things are as unique and satisfying as camp.

I love that we give kids the opportunity to be kids, but more than that I love that they get to hear the gospel.

Last week we had the privilege of spending the week with Matt Davis as he shared with our 7-11 year old campers, cute, precious, pesky things that they are. Among the frustrations of learning a new camera (the T2i Rebel) and feeling more than a little inadequate at something that usually comes easy… there were many moments of adorable smiles, encouraging words, and lessons in humility and grace. One camper, Logan, quickly reserved a small place in my heart as he eagerly invited me to spend meal times with him. “Sawah, Sawah, are you gowing to sit wid us at lunch?”
I was genuinely sad to see them go, and will forever remember their lovely, (mostly) innocent faces and antics.

But with every woe there is a something at which to look forward and for me it was the impending drive to Boston. Beyond the love of Dunkin’ Donuts, and my college friends, Boston is just a good city. I don’t think I stopped smiling all day. I had the immense privilege of showing our team the sites including the North End, Mike’s Pasties, the T, Park Street, Quincy Market, and the commons. After our walk about, we shared a lovely meal at Ristorante Saraceno which surprised as all. As the waitress showed us to our seats I was surprised over and over again as we were led through room and room, lower and lower… I think we ended up 5 rooms back and 3 stories below ground… it was grand.

An encouraging moment after dinner, shared with my new friend Faith, included being hit on at Faneuil Hall. While trite, it was still affirming.

In Boston we met with Chris Simming our speaker for week 2 who is hitting it out of the park. Tonight is decision night and I’m excited to see God move. This weekend, while full of site seeing, was good for my heart as I bonded with my teammates. Many of us are torn between campers and activities through the week and it was just good to truly meet them.

It has been said that with rain comes blessing. I wholeheartedly agree. After a week of excruciating (okay I’m exaggerating a little) heat the skies opened up and the water fell. Rain or shine the show usually goes on… unless it involves a camera. That said, I spent my time getting much needed rest, reading a good novel, and developing close friendships with my new friends from the Bay Area. I cannot reiterate enough just how great yesterday was.

And now after the loss of 4 hours of prime free time footage acquiring hours, today I must hunker down and get to work. Which reminds me, I’m late for lunch.

Live in the moment. Love it for what it is.